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Rose Aisling Ellis tribute

BBC Creative

In 2021, Rose Ayling Ellis became the first deaf contestant to appear on Strictly. We had a little hunch she'd win. So with one week to go before the final, we made this poster paying homage to her dance tribute to the deaf community.


It ended up running nationwide and was picked up by Rose on Twitter. But the best bit was Rose's boyfriend calling up for a copy so he could gift it to her at Christmas.


Death By Chocolates

BBC Creative

We wanted to get Killing Eve fans salivating ahead of the final series.  

So in true Villanelle fashion, we sent them a Valentine's Day gift with a deadly twist. This led to a viral challenge on social, bidding wars on eBay, and a live tasting on national TV.

Case study (a fun one, promise)



Clearblue – Test their commitment.
Cbeebies – Licence fee-funded childcare.
Screwfix – Fight planned obsolescence.
Kelly’s of Cornwall – A taste of Cornwall, without going there and ruining it.
Hostel world – You'll never sleep alone.
Speedos – Show them what you’ve got.

Clarks – Raise a nerd, they win in the end.

Metro – Prepare for the morning small talk.       

The British Museum – Stolen goods for borrowed time.
Buttercup Cough Syrup – Find out whether they’re faking it. (No added flavour).

PureGym – We work harder when being watched. 

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