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Creative Team:  Mercedes Galvez, Holly Nash & Gareth C E

Brief: Create a hyper-relevant campaign around Disney's 100th Anniversary.


Sharing the Magic of 100 Years gifts a piece of Disney magic to everyone with Disney Moments. Disney Moments are collectable NFTs featuring a frame from your favourite movie.


Resales of Disney Moments will fund 100 creative academies in 100 countries, transforming the lives of thousands of young people around the world.

NFT Disney Moments

Take Hercules as an example. Disney will select 100 Moments (frames) from the movie to turn into NFTs. Anyone who selects Hercules as their favourite movie will get one Iconic Moment. Each of these 100 frames also exists as a Magic Moment. There is only one of each Magic Moment in existance, so you have to be lucky to get one of these.

Disney 100 Academies

NFTs are written with software code called smart contracts. A smart contract can be written so it automatically gives a portion of any future resales back to the original owner. 50% of any Disney Moment resale will fund Disney 100 Academies.

Watch the full video

Jimmy Cricket will guide you through the idea.

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