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One Off

Gen Z are the most sedentary generation, but they’re obsessed with sportswear. How can the British Heart Foundation get them moving?



Clearblue – Test their commitment.
Cbeebies – Licence fee-funded childcare.
Screwfix – Fight planned obsolescence.
Kelly’s of Cornwall – A taste of Cornwall, without going there and ruining it.
Hostel world – You'll never sleep alone.
Speedos – Show them what you’ve got.

Clarks – Raise a nerd, they win in the end.

Metro – Prepare for the morning small talk.       

The British Museum – Stolen goods for borrowed time.
Buttercup Cough Syrup – Find out whether they’re faking it. (No added flavour).


Maradona passes. 

For World Blood Donation Day.

Dr. Who's it gonna be?

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